We strive to bring the highest level training and instruction, with a positive and promoting environment.

The Club 

Welcome to Tracks BJJ


Tracks Brazilian Jiu Jitus started with the guidance of Mark Mortensen, with the vision to create a safe & friendly atmosphere to train the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Tracks strives to give it's students a place to learn self defense, get in better shape and also train in a competitive environment.  We help our students to achieve goals weather it's for competition or building self confidence.   We embrace the concept deeds not words when it comes to our goals and achievements.

Mark Mortensen



Tod Arechiga Yamasaki Academy Black Belt under Mario and Fernando Yamasaki (UFC)Referees.  Retired Washington DC Police Officer 1990-2016.  Started when 12 learning Judo from books.  Started Boxing at 13 at Mexican American Boxing Gym in St Paul. Fought in amateur Tournaments. At 15 started training American Kick Boxing under a Black Belt.  At 26 joined Police Dept and learned Defensive Tactics. Team Member of an Active Shooter Team and Riot Squad . 2002 started BJJ at Yamasaki Academy. On Oct 29th 2016 was promoted to Black Belt by Fernando Yamasaki and Francisco Neto.  Have trained BJJ Worlds Medalists, NAGA Champions, Wrestling State Champions, Big Ten Wrestlers and Numerous Kids Pans Gold Medalist. Womens Self Defense. And Aggressive Armed conflict shooting courses.


Our Community

Self-defense is a very serious undertaking, calling for staff and classes that are very dedicated, disciplined, and focused. At the same time, jiu-jitsu should be a healthy, pleasant, and invigorating break from your day. At Tracks, we create an atmosphere that is competitive in a friendly and non-intimidating way for everybody.


Tod Arechiga




Join Us

No macho jugheads are going to laugh or yell at you here. Young and old, men and women, serious fighters and serious fitness enthusiasts are all welcome and treated with the utmost respect and dedication to your Brazilian jiu-jitsu experience. It's serious fun.




Mark Mortensen

Mark has coached students for a number of years, both for companion and for self improvement.  He has a long history of high level achievement, including coaching students at the senior master worlds (winning Sliver, 2 Golds) and numerous other competitions with major success.  Mark has over 14 years of training and has competed at the highest level, winning a gold medal at the pan American games.  We want to give our students a 2 hours of training that is free from stress, a place to reset from the average day of struggle.

My students earn their awards at the gym, and collect their medals at the tournaments.

Mark was promoted to Black Belt by Raphael Simpson.