Martial-Arts-Teaches-Kids-Social-Skills-Tracks-BJJParticipating in martial arts has many benefits, including the opportunity to develop healthy physical, mental, and social skills. Social skills are what enable us to communicate with each other, both verbally and non-verbally. Developing strong social skills helps kids understand each other, get along better, and build and maintain strong relationships.

Here are a few ways that martial arts helps kids develop strong social skills:

1. Listening and Following Directions

Martial arts classes create an environment where a small group of kids learns similar skills together. Despite distractions from other kids, the room, or even other classes, kids must listen and follow directions. Rather than interrupting their instructor or another student, kids develop skills to ask questions without being disruptive. Children also learn to be patient and wait in line for their turn.

2. Respecting Others

Kids who participate in martial arts share a common interest. However, a martial arts class is made up of kids from all different backgrounds. Kids learn to respect those who seem different from them. They are expected to treat their instructors, coaches, and classmates with respect, courtesy, and kindness. Demonstrating this principal value also includes being polite and considerate and respecting other people’s property.

3. Receiving Feedback

In martial arts, kids spend a lot of time practicing and refining their skills. Their improvement is the result of many factors, including accepting feedback from their instructors. Receiving feedback is a skill that can take practice, but it’s a valuable skill for both kids and adults. Rather than viewing feedback as criticism and rejecting the information, kids who learn to accept feedback have a higher chance of improving and growing as an athlete.

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