Qualities-of-a-Good-BJJ-Instructor-Tracks-BJJHow do you recognize a good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor? Here are some of the qualities that define a good BJJ instructor:

1. Credibility, Knowledge, Experience

A good BJJ instructor will have the technical knowledge needed to teach you Jiu Jitsu. This knowledge will most likely come from experience as a practitioner, as well as a coach and instructor. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to know how long your instructor has been training, as well as how credible their background information is.

2. Safety

Beyond technical knowledge, a good BJJ instructor prioritizes their students’ safety. During class, they are engaged with their students and watchful of the entire class. And good instructors know their students well enough to let them know if they’re ready to try something more advanced or if it’s better to wait and practice a different skill instead.

3. Patience

A patient instructor is likely to attract students who are willing to commit to the process and stay with it long-term. No matter if a student is a beginner or experienced in Jiu Jitsu, their level of patience shouldn’t waver. Patience leads to positive relationships with students who are likely to stick around.

4. Communication

Another quality that defines a good BJJ instructor is their communication style. Are they able to explain complicated concepts in a way that makes sense to you? Does your instructor ask students for questions? And do they provide feedback that you can apply to your practice and use to improve your skills?

5. Accountability and Inspiration

While you own your personal Jiu Jitsu journey, it’s helpful to have an instructor who will hold you accountable while inspiring you along the way. An instructor shouldn’t have to talk you into training, but a good instructor will support and encourage you to drive your own learning and training routine.

The instructors at Tracks BJJ in Coon Rapids strive to create a safe and friendly training atmosphere. To learn more about our instructors and the programs we’re currently offering, contact us today.