review1-compressor “Tracks BJJ is one of my favorite gyms to go to. They have a nice welcoming atmosphere, awesome coach, and great training partners. If you are in need of motivation or push, this is the place to be.”
– Stephan

review1-compressor “Changed and continues to change my families lives! An absolute great environment every time!”
– Dustin

review1-compressor “Tracks BJJ is exactly the kind of martial arts school I was looking for when I moved to Minnesota.”
– Shawn

review1-compressor “This place is Awesome!! The instructor is a great guy who is very patient and helpful! All of the students I have met thus far are really friendly and make you feel welcome.”
– Nichol

review1-compressor “The best place to train in the world. Professor Mortensen is an all around great person. He will push you as hard as you want…lightly, moderately, hard, or the best trained athlete on the planet level! Everyone in the gym is incredible.”
– Trevor

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