Two training partners at Tracks BJJ in Coon Rapids practice their skills while smilingYour BJJ training might be an individual pursuit, but you don’t train alone. To practice your skills effectively, you need good training partners. And not only is it important to find good training partners, but it’s also necessary to be a good training partner to others.

Here are some ways to be a good BJJ training partner:

1. Always be respectful.

Respect is valued in all martial arts and plays a significant role in being a good training partner. If you put respect first, you’ll most likely be a great training partner. Respectful behavior includes quite a bit, like showing up clean, keeping your nails trimmed, being on time, showing support, and paying attention to what’s happening throughout class.

2. Set your ego aside.

Setting your ego aside is another way to be a good BJJ training partner. Doing so might mean that you tap early and tap often. But it also might mean delaying the tap so both you and your partner can practice (while staying safe).

3. Partner with different skill levels.

Partnering with a variety of skill levels also makes you a good training partner. If you’re not an even match, don’t let this stop you. If your partner is more advanced, be ready to work a little harder. And if your partner is more of a beginner, adjust accordingly and be patient.

4. Stay focused and be mindful.

Focus during training keeps you safe and improves the quality of your training. Work on being attentive and mindful of moments when your mind has wandered. Keep your mind on track and pay attention to your instructors so that you and your partners can benefit from time spent drilling and practicing.

5. Communicate and stay open to feedback.

Always communicate with your partner. Ask questions and offer feedback. At the same time, stay open to feedback from your partner. Listen to what they have to say, and don’t let their feedback negatively affect you. Instead, take what you hear and use it as a learning opportunity.

6. Control yourself and your emotions.

Whether you get frustrated or excited, always stay in control of your body and your emotions. Remember, respect is at the foundation of your martial arts training. So practice being aware of how you’re feeling, take a few breaths, and keep your mind clear and in control.

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