Common-Reasons-You-Might-Avoid-BJJ-Tracks-BJJIf you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re interested in BJJ. So what’s holding you back? Here are a few of the common reasons you might avoid BJJ (and why you should give it a try anyway)!

1. “I’m too old.”

One of the more common reasons you might avoid BJJ is you think you’re too old. But BJJ doesn’t have an age limit – martial arts is for everyone. When you’re a beginner, you’ll start with learning the basic fundamental skills and focus on technique. Every student, no matter their age, begins this way.

2. “I’m out of shape.”

Just like there is no age restriction on BJJ, there isn’t a required fitness level to start either. If you feel like you’re out of shape, BJJ can help you improve your fitness and your health. The key is to start slowly and be patient for the first several weeks. Listen to your body and avoid doing something that you’re not quite ready for.

3. “I might get hurt.”

At first glance, BJJ might look like you could get injured easily. While there is no way to eliminate the risk of getting hurt, you can take steps to reduce your chances of an injury. Again, focus on learning proper technique and gradually build up your training.

4. “I need personal space.”

There is a lot of body contact in BJJ. So at first, it’s probably going to be a bit uncomfortable. But if you want to learn BJJ, you’ll also end up expanding your comfort zone and while learning valuable physical and mental skills.

5. “I don’t really have time.”

With a limited number of hours in the day, it makes sense that a lack of time is a big hurdle for many people. But if you want to see where BJJ can take you, then you might need to shift things around in your schedule. Commit to the training and reprioritize it over things that may not be adding much value to your daily life.

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