Core-Values-Kids-Focus-on-in-BJJ-Tracks-BJJKids who participate in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu improve strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility in a fun, friendly, and interactive manner. At the same time, BJJ promotes individual development and personal growth in students of all ages.

Here are some of the core values kids focus on in their BJJ training:

1. Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is one of the core values kids begin to develop through BJJ. Over time, kids start to gain a sense of their skills, how well they can apply what they’ve learned, and their strengths and weaknesses. Developing this sense of awareness through BJJ helps kids use a similar thought process in other areas of life.

2. Respect

In BJJ, we teach our students the value of respecting other people as well as themselves. Classes built around respect encourage kids to practice essential life skills and character lessons with a group of kids who are all learning the same values. As a result, most kids tend to have a positive and productive experience with BJJ.

3. Discipline

Another core value emphasized in BJJ is discipline. Jiu-Jitsu training isn’t easy, and improvement doesn’t happen without some hard work and effort. Students must have the discipline to keep practicing and commit to the process. Kids who are disciplined and stick with their training will see their hard work pay off.

4. Responsibility

Kids learn the importance of responsibility through discipline and goal-setting. Kids learn that to achieve something in their martial arts training, they must take responsibility for making it happen.

5. Anti-Bullying

Learning self-defense skills through BJJ is a non-threatening way that kids can learn to deal with bullies. BJJ teaches kids to stay in control and to think under pressure. They’re encouraged to use mental skills to solve problems, rather than relying on brute strength or aggression.

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