Turn-Your-Training-Around-Tracks-BJJWhat do you do when BJJ just isn’t all that fun anymore? How do you handle those times when you go from being positively engaged to disinterested?

First, know that you’re not the only BJJ athlete to experience one or all of these things:

  • Less motivation
  • Burnout
  • Getting stuck in a rut
  • Drop in class attendance
  • Tired
  • Fatigue
  • Overtrained
  • Disinterested
  • Always sore

When you participate in an activity like Jiu-Jitsu, your body and mind go on a long-term journey. And as much as you’d like to feel motivated and ready to train every day or all the time, it’s not realistic.

How do you deal with the times where your energy and motivation dwindle to a point that negatively affects your training and performance? Here are a few ways to try turning your training around:

1. Change up your routine or try a new approach.

If you feel like your training is stuck or not going anywhere, try changing up your routine. Your new approach might include things like different class times, less familiar training partners, or new techniques. If you feel like you’ve been pushing and not getting anywhere, another approach you could try is to get back to the basics. Revisit the fundamentals and make sure that you have a solid foundation to keep building on.

2. Understand what your BJJ journey means to you.

After a while, you might lose a sense of what got you started with BJJ in the first place. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your BJJ training and journey mean to you. Knowing why it’s important puts the focus back on your personal improvement. Rather than comparing where you are to others in your class, pay attention to the things that will keep you on track while learning and growing as an athlete.

3. Come back to the things that make BJJ fun.

We all don’t love the same things about BJJ. And not every moment of your training has to be fun. But coming back to the things that make BJJ fun can make it seem like less of an obligation or something that you have to do. Work on finding a balance between working hard to improve and having a good time.

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