Leadership-Through-Martial-Arts-Tracks-BJJOne thing the world will always need is leadership. True leadership is not the ability to give orders and delegate authority. It is the ability to set an example for others and show the way to being content and prosperous. Through martial arts training, leaders who may never have seen themselves as such are forged.

Stepping Up

Leadership is about facing things head-on with grace and skill. It is hard to get very far without stepping up to face a challenge when it arises. On the mat, challenges are obvious. You use the knowledge from training to attempt to beat your opponent. The only way to progress is to test yourself against the best. Only a leadership mentality can carry you through the task. The easy way for most is to avoid a challenge. Leaders set an example of how to face something difficult or overwhelming and learn from the victory or defeat. The only real loss to a leader is never having tried.

Finding Courage

Training the body and mind is always an intimidating endeavor. At some point, you will fall short of your own expectations or the expectations of others. Doing the work with the knowledge that you will eventually learn from a failure takes courage. Nobody enjoys the feeling of failure or almost winning. It takes absolute courage to carry on even when the advantage isn’t yours. When you lead, you sometimes do so by showing others what not to do. Some people will see you fall and see nothing more than a loss. Many will see you fall and wait for you to get back up. They are searching for an example of courage to let them know they can fall and get back up as well. Finding your own courage will lead others to theirs.

Being Authentic

To be respected as a leader, you must be authentic. Martial arts training teaches you to discover what skills you have, what skills you need to develop, and how to use them to be true to yourself and others. Nobody is interested in following a fake. Bragging and boasting about everything you’re good at is off-putting, and most people can see through it as insecurity. Being comfortable in your own skin and loving yourself without comparison is authenticity. Everything is laid bare on the mat. Your weaknesses and strengths are on full display. When you learn to accept both for what they are at any given moment, you act as a leader.

Tracks BJJ in Coon Rapids creates leaders on the mats. Through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll find your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. Contact us or come by today to learn more about the programs and classes we’re currently offering.