Creative-through-Martial-Arts-Tracks-BJJStrong technical ability and physical skills are hallmarks of martial arts training, but did you know that creativity is just as essential to success? You can learn to be more creative in every situation by applying the lessons learned on the mat to your everyday life.

Here are a few ways that you can learn to be more creative through martial arts:

Creative Solutions

Solving a physical challenge can be a matter of strength, but rarely is the battle won by brute force alone. With each move an opponent makes, a new set of variables is added to the mix. Without thinking beyond the usual countermoves and well-known techniques, even the most formidable opponent becomes predictable against a more creative approach. Creative solutions lead to the evolution of the person and the activity. Martial arts continues to grow and change after hundreds of years because students and masters are continually finding new ways to approach a challenge. Each opponent is unique, so thoughtful creativity is a necessity.

Allow for Mistakes

Rarely does everything ever work out exactly as planned. When facing an opponent, you must draw on what you’ve learned and make split-second decisions. You also learn to adjust your strategy based on your opponent and their own unique approach. Sometimes what you think will be a great solution or technique doesn’t work out as you had hoped. And that’s ok! When trying something new, it’s easy to dismiss it as poor judgment if it doesn’t work as planned. But each attempt makes new connections in your mind and can often lead to an effective and unusual solution. Mistakes are a sign of creativity at play.

Keep Refining

Creative thought is a process. Repeatedly facing the same situation will reveal where your process may be stuck and allow you to refine the rough edges. When training on the mat, do your best to apply the fundamentals and adapt them to your specific needs. This is true mastery of creative thought. When seen through the lens of an artist, technique and talent are simply the frameworks in which to create. As soon as you know the rules, you can see where to bend them.

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