An instructor from Tracks BJJ in Coon Rapids demonstrates a BJJ skillTracks BJJ in Coon Rapids strives to bring you the highest level of Jiu Jitsu training and instruction. We are here to help guide you on your martial arts journey.

To experience the maximum benefits of training in all aspects of your life, we suggest that you take some time to set some goals for yourself. Goals are a necessary component of being successful in martial arts and life.

You might be currently working through the belt tracking system. The belt tracking system provides a great source of progression and accomplishment, so your goals may be related to your next belt. However, working toward your next belt does not need to be the only goal you set. Setting additional goals can provide accountability to your martial arts training and keep you motivated to move forward.

Here are a few tips for setting effective martial arts goals that go beyond belt tracking:

Add specific details.

You might be using your Jiu Jitsu training to improve your fitness level. For example, a goal that goes beyond belt tracking might be “get fit.” The problem is this goal lacks specific details. So instead of “get fit,” you can be more specific by modifying this goal to something like, “I will get fit by losing 5 pounds over the next three months.”

Create a timeline.

Once you have defined the specific details of your goal, the next step is to create a timeline. This means you plan out each small step needed for your larger goal. It might seem like a lot of extra work, but it’s necessary and improves your chances of success. These smaller objectives are like pitstops that can help keep you motivated and accountable.

Expect setbacks.

While working toward a goal, you will undoubtedly experience setbacks. Setbacks will happen to everyone, and they don’t happen because you did something wrong. If you don’t plan for obstacles, then it can be hard to move forward when you encounter things that stand in the way of you and your goal. Expect setbacks to happen and find a way to keep making progress even when faced with a challenge that gets in the way of your goals.

Getting started with Jiu Jitsu training can be overwhelming, so let us help. Contact us at Tracks BJJ, and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track toward achieving your goals.