Motivate-Young-BJJ-Students-Tracks-BJJMotivation is the drive and interest we put toward achieving a goal or completing a task. And at some point, it’s something that we all struggle with.

Motivation can come and go at any age, which means kids will sometimes struggle with motivation. Some days or weeks, they’ll be excited to train Jiu Jitsu, and others not so much.

As parents, here are a few ways to motivate the young BJJ students in your family:

1. Show interest and ask questions.

After your child finishes a class, ask them questions and show that you’re interested in what they learned. Find out what your kids like about BJJ and let your child’s training be their own. Avoid putting your motivation or intentions before your child’s practice and give them the chance to take their own journey.

2. Keep it positive and fun.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is just one part of life; it is a small part of a bigger picture. Instead of pressuring your child constantly to do more, focus on helping your child find fun and enjoyment in where they are now. Kids are more likely to continue participating in activities when they have fun. Find out what makes BJJ fun for them and foster that feeling. Encourage your child to get to know or hang out with their fellow students, but don’t force anything.

3. Be careful of comparing.

Every child who participates in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will learn and make progress at a different rate. Be careful that you’re not comparing your child to another. And help your child do the same. Provide support and celebrate with your kids when they make both small and large individual improvements.

At Tracks BJJ in Coon Rapids, our Kids/Teens program teaches technique through functional games. We aim to improve strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility in a fun, friendly, and interactive manner. To learn more about the programs we’re currently offering and how to get started, contact us today.