Physical-Health-and-Fitness-Benefits-of-BJJ-Tracks-BJJDid you know that every time you attend a BJJ class, you improve your physical health and fitness? Here are some of the physical health and fitness benefits of BJJ:

1. Aerobic Endurance

One element of physical health that improves over time is your aerobic endurance. An activity that elevates your heart rate for a sustained period of time will target your cardiovascular system. Improving this system not only makes you feel more fit, but it also improves your heart health.

2. Flexibility

In addition to improving aerobic endurance, BJJ also improves joint flexibility. If you’re just getting started with BJJ, you might feel some muscle tightness around your shoulders, hamstrings, and hips. But over time, you’ll begin to lengthen these muscle groups and feel more flexible as you move.

3. Strength

BJJ is a great way to build functional fitness and strength throughout your body. Rather than going to the gym and picking up a dumbbell, BJJ develops strength in a more functional way. Instead of isolated movements, you train multiple muscles groups together as a unit. This style of training and movement is more similar to the actions you do in your daily life.

4. Mobility

In addition to increasing flexibility and decreasing muscle tightness, BJJ can help you move better by improving your mobility. Rather than feeling a limited range of motion in joints, such as your shoulders and hips, BJJ improves your range of motion. Again, mobility and moving efficiently are important in BJJ and as part of your overall health and fitness.

5. Balance & Coordination

It’s not easy to find activities that target balance and coordination, but BJJ is a great way to address both of these elements of your physical health and fitness. BJJ trains your body to move as one unit and helps you sync up the movements and patterns of your left and right sides, as well as your upper and lower body. The result is improvements in both balance and coordination.

The physical health benefits of training BJJ might not be noticeable right away. But with consistency and practice, the effect on your health and fitness can be life-changing.

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