Tots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Best Tots BJJ in Coon Rapids

Introducing our Tots Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, meticulously designed for our youngest martial artists. Located in the heart of Coon Rapids, we pride ourselves on offering the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience tailored specifically for young children.

At the core of our program is a commitment to ensuring our students not only learn martial arts but also have a blast doing it! Our expert instructors create a safe and engaging environment where children can both play and train.

Upon enrolling, students will learn:

  • Fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu stances and positions, crucial for building a strong martial arts foundation.
  • Basic self-defense techniques, promoting safety and self-confidence.
  • Controlled movement and coordination, enhancing their physical agility and responsiveness.

But the learning doesn’t stop with martial arts. We intertwine life skills seamlessly into our curriculum:

  • Respect: Understanding the importance of showing consideration to others and valuing oneself.
  • Discipline: Learning the value of consistency, hard work, and focus.
  • Teamwork: Embracing the spirit of cooperation and understanding the power of working together.

Our program’s influence extends beyond the mat, having profound positive effects on their overall development. It aids in building self-esteem, fosters better social skills, and instills a lifelong love for physical activity.

Embark on this vibrant journey with us in Coon Rapids, where young potential meets unparalleled guidance.

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